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随着国内整体网络购物环境的改善、互联网成为了网民实用性工具的重要体现,在如今互联网大潮中,中小企业大都面临着自身互联网营销团队建设难、企业网络营销成本高、互联网技术型人才难以储备等问题,那么传统企业如何更快、更好的借助互联网转型,实现企业自身的良好品牌、产品、服务、口碑的塑造呢? With the improvement of the overall online shopping environment in China, the Internet has become an important manifestation of practical tools for Internet users. In the current Internet tide, most small and medium-sized enterprises are facing difficulties in building their own Internet marketing teams, high online marketing costs for enterprises, and difficult Internet-based talents. Issues such as reserves, so how can traditional enterprises make faster and better use of the Internet to transform their own good brands, products, services, and word of mouth?

贵州黔聚网络科技有限公司位于贵阳市观山湖区金融城金融soho东座13层,成立于2016年9月,注册资金三百万圆整,是一家专注于互联网整合营销的综合性网络公司,致力于为中小型企业提供系统化、专业化的互联网整合营销解决方案,提供最优质的一站式互联网营销推广服务,我们将是您的最佳选择合作伙伴。 Guizhou Qianju Network Technology Co., Ltd. is located on the 13th floor of the East Block of Financial Soho, Financial City, Guanshan Lake District, Guiyang City. It was established in September 2016 with a registered capital of 3 million yuan. It is a comprehensive network company focusing on Internet integrated marketing. Committed to providing systematic and professional Internet integrated marketing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, and providing the best one-stop Internet marketing promotion services, we will be your best choice of partners.

我司主要服务内容有企业互联网平台建设、及互联网渠道推广两大板块,涵盖了企业官网建设,企业微信公众平台,小程序,APP等平台开发,互联网推广渠道推广方面,有当下国内三大主流搜索引擎百度、360、搜狗搜索推广,无论是SEO搜索引擎自然排名优化还是SEM付费竞价广告排名,都将为您的互联网平台引爆流量,在当下移动终端高速发展的情况下,针对移动端的腾讯社交广告,抖音、快手等短视频营销推广,企业微博、微信公众号运营推广将为您的品牌、口碑、及市场提供有力保障。 The main contents of our company are the two major sections of corporate Internet platform construction and Internet channel promotion, covering the development of corporate official website, corporate WeChat public platform, applet, APP and other platform development. In terms of Internet promotion channel promotion, there are currently three major domestic mainstream The search engine Baidu, 360, Sogou search promotion, whether it is SEO search engine natural ranking optimization or SEM paid bidding advertising ranking, will detonate traffic for your Internet platform. Under the current rapid development of mobile terminals, social media targeting Tencent on the mobile side Advertising, Douyin, Kuaishou and other short video marketing promotions, corporate Weibo, WeChat public account operation and promotion will provide strong protection for your brand, word of mouth, and market.

公司主要为中小型传统企业向互联网转型,塑品牌、拓市场、促销量,最终实现业绩的快速提升。 The company mainly transforms small and medium-sized traditional enterprises into the Internet, shaping brands, expanding markets, and promoting sales, and ultimately achieves rapid growth in performance. 自2016年成立至今、在医疗、教育、家居建材、汽车、房产等多个行业领域客户案例300于项,在此过程中累计了丰富的营销经验。 Since its establishment in 2016, it has over 300 customer cases in medical, education, home building materials, automotive, real estate and other industries, and has accumulated rich marketing experience in the process. 我们将整合互联网众多推广渠道及资源、营销策略及技巧。 We will integrate the numerous marketing channels and resources of the Internet, marketing strategies and techniques. 为客户提供针对性、实用性的网络营销一站式解决方案。 Provide customers with targeted and practical one-stop solutions for online marketing.