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Five Misunderstandings of Guiyang Enterprise Network Marketing Promotion

2019-12-22 Times

With the current rapid development of the Internet, online marketing promotion has become an integral part of the overall brand marketing promotion of enterprises. The necessity of online marketing has become self-evident. Many companies have different methods of doing Internet marketing promotion. Some are Establish a team by yourself, and some are looking for a professional network-wide promotion company to do the work for you, helping companies to do business, plan planning, and layout major websites ... But many companies don't master the network marketing model, and it is easy to get into a mistake. Today, I will join you to analyze the five major mistakes that enterprises can easily enter when they are promoting the entire network.

SEM Misunderstanding 1: Internet marketing is SEO , SEM

Is Internet marketing a ranking, promotion, and bidding? Naturally not. 、 SEM技术只是网络营销的基础方法,是网络营销的一部分。 SEO and SEM technologies are just the basic methods of online marketing and are part of online marketing. Marketing promotion is essentially a process of plan planning, implementation, and certification, not just technical work, but also Internet marketing.

A single marketing method cannot achieve significant results in today's era of fragmented customer reading. 、 SEM ,也有推广软文、互联网媒体、视频访谈、微信公众号、小视频这些多元化的组合拳才有力。 Therefore, reasonable marketing promotion must be a composition method. In addition to basic website production, SEO and SEM , there are also a variety of combined punches that promote soft text, Internet media, video interviews, WeChat public accounts, and small videos. > 2的作用。 Internet marketing must have a big picture and overall view, and establish long-term preparations, in order to fully play the role of 1 + 12 .

Misunderstanding 2: Internet marketing is soft text promotion

Many people want to promote their products, companies or individuals, so they began to apply for registration of various soft media promotion from media platform accounts. This cannot be said to be wrong, but the promotion of soft text is only part of marketing promotion, and the promotion of soft text is only part of self-media operation. Real online marketing, as mentioned above, must make full use of various marketing promotion methods. Internet media, small videos, Baidu Encyclopedia, Q & A.

With the rapid development of the Internet, a single advertising method is no longer effective. Local marketing promotion is not as easy as in the past, and one point can get very prominent results. We must attach importance to customer experience, experience, feedback, use all possible channels, interact more with our customers, create Internet user reviews, and let customers spontaneously publicize and plan for companies or products.

Myth 3: Internet marketing is information

One of the advantages of online marketing over marketing concepts is that it can use information to reflect the effectiveness of marketing promotion, such as website traffic, WeChat public account, and Sina Weibo awareness. However, if you leave the specific marketing effect (sales volume, popularity, brand effect), even the best information is just a bunch of meaningless numbers.

Whether it is an Internet marketing practitioner, an industrialist, or a customer, there are often reasons to be clear: Internet marketing is an act of spending money, and all acts of spending money require specific results for certification. Internet marketing is not informational speaking, but "information proof, effectual speaking." Information is only an assessment, and the commodity itself cannot be ignored.

Misunderstanding 4: Quick results, today to tomorrow

Online advertising is generally faster than traditional advertising, but it does not mean that it will be done today and the result will be tomorrow. The essence of marketing promotion is the process in which the store sends out information to customers, the customer has the information, accepts the information, approves the information, and generates the purchasing behavior. It is definitely not a day or two thing for customers to accept and identify with your business and your products. When doing internet marketing, don't be eager for quick success and quick profit.

Misunderstanding 5: Just seeking to increase sales

In the Internet age, you sell well today, and he may replace you tomorrow. What really cannot be replaced is your brand image, weight and credibility in the minds of customers. This takes a lot of time to build, and it will make you have a really long-term marketing promotion effect. Small and medium-sized enterprises have changed batch after batch, but the century-old brand has always stood still. This is the brand, this is the weight, and it has already settled in the hearts of customers.

We do whole-network promotion and increase sales volume is part of it, but the more crucial purpose is to occupy the influence of customers and occupy the customers' thinking. Only in this way can we achieve a long and steady flow in the sales market.