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What are the differences and characteristics of online marketing and traditional marketing?

2019-12-22 Times

What is traditional marketing? Marketing refers to providing customers with products and services that can meet the needs of customers, and promoting the products and services provided by customer consumer companies, so as to realize the business philosophy and strategic management activities of the enterprise. 组合,即产品、价格、渠道和促销。 The only marketing strategy commonly used in traditional marketing is the 4p combination, which is product, price, channel, and promotion. Marketing penetration from traditional media allows products and services to spread the company's brand to consumers. The common traditional media are three traditional media: television, newspaper, and radio. Traditional media has helped many companies launch their brands and achieved good results. In the Internet age, they have their own shortcomings. For example, the production cost of TV commercials is very high, and there are only a few seconds or longer to display corporate products, and the launch is not targeted; newspaper media is not dynamic and unattractive and requires the initiative of consumers read. In the information age, information books are redundant. Everyone wants to save time to get the most valuable content. Who can make good content, who can save time and user costs, who can quickly get a place in traditional media. The golden age and advantages can also achieve good results when combined with online marketing. What is online marketing? Online marketing is an important part of an enterprise's overall marketing strategy. Kind of activity. This definition is fundamentally different from traditional marketing, with the biggest differences being marketing, media, and impact. With the popularity and development of the Internet, online marketing is faster, more accurate, and forms can be diversified. Its popularity is wide. Whether text, pictures, videos, audio, etc. can be spread through the Internet, these can become online marketing. tool. Diversified forms of marketing can increase product and brand awareness. With the transmission of information in the form of a network, the traffic and conversion rate obtained by enterprises have greatly increased. Even a large number of business owners need to produce a large-scale social effect through a high-quality article or an interesting short film, so as to guide the masses' self-propagation and promote it through the convenience of a few seconds of information on the network , So the calculation cost is lower than in the past. Traditional media as a marketing platform is obvious. Internet marketing uses the Internet as a marketing platform. More advanced media carriers avoid many problems in traditional media marketing and make the marketing model more diverse. 来源:跨洋媒体)以上内容是作者的个人观点,并不代表雨果的立场。 ( Source: Transocean Media ) The above is the author's personal opinion and does not represent Hugo's position. This article was authorised by the original author, and reprints must be approved by the original author. 跨境数据库 ,以获得欧洲、美洲和东南亚的市场机会,主要平台上的热点产品报告,以及跨境电子商务营销白皮书。 Shangyu Fruits searches the " cross-border database " for market opportunities in Europe, the Americas, and Southeast Asia, hot product reports on major platforms, and cross-border e-commerce marketing white papers.