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Guizhou Qianju Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Documentation)

2019-12-17 Times
Guizhou Qianju Network Technology Co., Ltd. is located on the 13th floor of the East Block of Financial Soho, Financial City, Guanshan Lake District, Guiyang City. It was established in September 2016 with a registered capital of 3 million yuan. It is a comprehensive Internet company focusing on integrated Internet marketing.
The company is committed to providing systematic and professional Internet integrated marketing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, and providing the best quality one-stop Internet marketing promotion services. Since its establishment in 2016, it has been in government and medical, education, home building materials, and many other In this industry field, we provide customers with high-quality Internet services. In the process, we have accumulated rich industry experience. Our company integrates multi-professional Internet technical talents, numerous promotion channels and resources, marketing strategies and techniques. Provide customers with targeted and practical one-stop solutions for online marketing.

I. Internet platform development
1. Official website development of high-end companies
Definition: A corporate website is a platform for companies to conduct online marketing and image publicity on the Internet. It is equivalent to a company's online business card. It is not only a good publicity for the company's image, but also can help the company's sales, and directly help the company to achieve products through the network. For sales, companies can use the website for publicity, product information release, recruitment, etc.
Advantages: 
1.1 Conducive to improving corporate brand image
Generally speaking, the establishment of a company's own website can not only bring new customers and new business to the company, but also enhance its brand image through the website. 
1.2 Fully introduce the company in detail and display its products
One of the most basic functions of the company website is to be able to introduce the company, its products, and its services in a comprehensive and detailed way. In fact, companies can put anything they want people to know on the website, such as company profile, company performance, product appearance, functions and how to use it, etc., can be displayed on the corporate website. 
1.3 Helping enterprises implement e-commerce functions
Now, businesses can implement e-commerce functions on their websites. Can be posted on the website: real-time news, real-time quotes, online downloads, e-shops, customer message boards, online surveys, recruitment, etc. 建立 Establishing business contacts with potential customers This is one of the most important functions of corporate website construction. Now, countries around the world Of buyers are mainly using the Internet to find new products and new suppliers, because this is low cost and high efficiency. Anyone anywhere in the world can see the company's products as long as they know the company's website address. 
1.4 Use the website to get customer feedback in a timely manner
Let others see themselves and show the strength of the company. The company will be able to "show up" at home and in the world. This is undoubtedly an opportunity to promote the company, products and services. In the sense of advertising, a corporate website is related to the construction of a corporate image. There is no corporate image without a website.
2. WeChat public platform development
Definition: The corporate WeChat public account is an enterprise media release platform, sales information release platform, crisis public relations platform, consumer interaction platform, promotional activity development platform, new product display platform, product online sales platform, online payment platform, research platform, and corporate culture. Communication platform, talent recruitment platform, etc., all the enterprises concerned, enterprises need to be realized in the corporate WeChat public account! By applying for the public WeChat service number through secondary development, the merchant's WeChat website, WeChat membership, WeChat push, WeChat payment, WeChat activity, WeChat registration, WeChat sharing, WeChat business card, etc. have formed a mainstream online and offline WeChat interactive marketing the way.
2.1 Based on WeChat's strong user volume and frequency of use, it plays an important role in brand marketing and promotion in the future.
2.2 WeChat's multi-interface openness can better reflect the needs of enterprises, such as the development of corporate micro-sites and micro-malls, which seamlessly interface with corporate sites, drain each other, and promote corporate brands and word of mouth faster and better.
2.3 Can communicate and exchange with new and old customers in real time, making it more convenient for enterprises to arrange pre-sale and after-sale work.
2.4 Industry articles, company news, event promotions, etc. can be pushed regularly every month.
3. Mini Program Development
Definition: WeChat Mini Program is an application that can be used without downloading and installing. It realizes the dream of the application “at your fingertips”. Users can open the application by scanning or searching. At present, more than 1.5 million developers have joined the development of applets. The number of applet applications has exceeded one million, covering more than 200 subdivided industries. The number of daily active users has reached 200 million. Custom development is required to reach customers more conveniently and quickly.
Advantages: 
3.1 Improve the brand image of the company
A well-made small program shop can become a powerful business card for the company, which can enhance the professional image of the company, shape the brand's reputation, open the company's popularity, and optimize the consumer experience. 
3.2 Low marketing costs
Because the mini program is based on WeChat, and WeChat is based on the social network of acquaintances, and trust between people, companies can use their acquaintance network and existing customer groups to conduct marketing activities and share fission. Compared with third-party platforms such as Taobao and Tmall, the marketing cost of applets is extremely low. 
3.3 fast drainage
The entrance scene of the applet is very rich, and users can enter the merchant's applet store by scanning, searching, and nearby applets. In addition, the mini program also has the characteristics of no installation, no uninstall, no need to go, and one billion traffic bonus of WeChat, which can help merchants achieve rapid drainage.  3.4 Deposit private users
Applets, as a link between online and offline, can effectively improve the user experience, increase the user's affection for the enterprise, and precipitate the private users of the enterprise. After using the mini program, users can also find the merchant's mini program through the WeChat drop-down menu and make a second purchase. Merchants can interact well with users through WeChat public accounts, increase users' sense of belonging and identity, and accumulate their own private users. Merchants can also organize marketing activities on a regular basis to cultivate the habit of users regularly opening merchant applet stores and enhance user stickiness. 
3.5 Good user experience
In the era of the mobile Internet, there are three main forms of reaching users: h5, APP, and applet. h5 needs to load a lot of resources on the server in real time, and the loading speed is relatively slow. The efficiency of the app will be worse, downloading and installing will be needed, the conversion cost will be higher, and the customer's psychological burden will be larger. The applet does not need to be installed and downloaded, and does not need to open the webpage. It is ready to use at any time. The threshold for user use is relatively low. The user experience of the applet is also very smooth and efficient, and it is friendly to the user experience.
3.Custom APP development
Definition: Mobile software, mainly refers to software installed on smart phones, perfecting the deficiency and personalization of the original system. The main means to make the phone perfect its functions and provide users with a richer experience. With the rise of the App in recent years, people have gradually entered the era of the APP, and they all seem to belong to the queue of lazy people? You do n’t have to go to the cinema in person to buy a ticket when you watch a movie, use a mobile app directly on Weibo, and you do n’t have to sit in front of your computer to visit Taobao. Even the basic shopping in life is solved by APP, which brings great convenience to our lives and saves us a lot of time. Significance and value of APP development: 1)
The APP quickly and accurately communicates the latest information of the company to the target customers. If the company has a new product launch or a price promotion recently, we can use the mobile APP to communicate to the customer as soon as possible. This method of transmission is accurate and effective. . 2) The APP will quickly and accurately communicate the latest information of the company to the target customers. If the company has a new product launch or a price promotion recently, we can use the mobile APP to communicate to the customer as soon as possible. This method of transmission is accurate. It works. 3) The information transmitted by the mobile APP to customers will not be blocked because of time or space, and can be transmitted or received at any time and place. 4) Both new and old users can contact the enterprise through the App application software, which guarantees a certain dependency. If it is done well, the user will help you propagate it. 5) Compared with traditional advertising methods, mobile APP advertising does not need to pay for clicks and broadcasts. Its graphic, vivid and vivid advertising expressions are superior to traditional advertising in terms of cost and effectiveness. ⑤ Other system software development-customized software development on demand  Internet channel promotion ①
Baidu / 360 / Sogou search engine paid auction SEM advertising definition:
SEM search engine marketing is a form of online marketing based on search engines. At present, there are many platforms such as Baidu, Sogou, 360, etc. SEM bids for search engine advertising, and charges according to cpc (effective clicks on keywords). The prices of different keywords will be different. It is a more accurate, fast and direct way of Internet advertising. Advantages: 
Compared with SEO, pay-per-effect SEM bidding is affected by various conditions during the optimization process of SEO. SEM bidding is not. It is charged according to the effect of user clicks, and it can also obtain free information display. 广 Covers a wide range of groups, with quick results. Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine platform in China, with 200 million searches every day, covering 95% of netizens, showing the large amount of user data. We combine the promotion of related words to put in place, which can cover the majority of users, and we do other promotions, just rank based on the words you optimize, and you do n’t need to worry about bidding.  Flexible and targeted companies can make capital investments according to their own conditions, making full use of every penny. For user clicks, the auction backstage will have detailed data and reports, and companies can make appropriate adjustments based on user clicks , No fees will be charged when no promotion takes place. In addition, Baidu bidding can also be delivered by region. For example, if your customers have more in Guiyang, you can adjust it to Guiyang, which saves promotion funds.  Convenient user data analysis We can make appropriate adjustments in the bidding background based on the customer's search. The bidding background is queried through keyword tools, keyword planners, etc., and the daily search index is used to analyze customer search habits to measure Customized promotion plan. 关键词 There are no restrictions on promoting keywords. When we do SEO optimization, the keywords are those, but there are no restrictions on bidding keywords. You can add as many words as you want, and it can better make users search, and the marketing effect will be better. it is good. Baidu / 360 / Sogou search engine natural ranking SEO optimization definition: SEO search engine optimization. It's one way: use search engine rules to improve your site's natural ranking within relevant search engines. The purpose is: to provide an ecological self-marketing solution for the website so that it can occupy a leading position in the industry and obtain brand revenue; SEO includes both off-site SEO and on-site SEO; in order to get more free traffic from search engines, Reasonable planning from the perspective of website structure, content construction scheme, user interaction and communication, and pages will also make the website related information displayed in search engines more attractive to users. Advantages: Natural ranking of keywords, long-term stability, no matter when and where customers are, as long as customers search for keywords, they can see the corporate website; stabilize the source of traffic, effectively avoid malicious clicks, and help companies effectively save advertising costs To control costs and improve efficiency; to help companies increase their trust; in this Internet market, customers are more willing to believe in natural rankings, which rely on their own strengths to optimize keywords to the homepage; precise keywords and precise traffic, goals Customers are more accurate and have a high conversion rate. The coverage is wide. No matter where the customer is, as long as he has a demand and searches through various search engines, there can be corporate website information. New media promotion operation SMM
Definition: New media operation SMM refers to a series of operation methods for product promotion, promotion, and product marketing through modern mobile Internet means and the use of emerging media platform tools such as WeChat, Weibo, and Post Bar. By planning high-quality, highly disseminated content and online activities related to the brand, the company can widely or accurately push messages to customers, increase participation and visibility, and make full use of the fan economy to achieve corresponding marketing goals. The new media currently referred to are media forms that are more relevant to social media, such as WeChat, Weibo, Forum, SNS, etc., and are more self-media, with advantages:
1. Two-way transmission mode The traditional media information transmission mode is one-way, linear and non-selectable. It appears that the information is published to the audience by the publisher of the information within a certain period of time. The audience passively accepts the information and lacks the feedback of the information. This static communication makes the information fluent and the communication effect is not good. The new media dissemination method is two-way. Each audience is both the receiver of the information and the disseminator of the information. It is also highly interactive and the effect of communication is obvious. 2. The development of receiving methods from fixed to mobile wireless mobile technology has made new media have the characteristics of mobility. Through mobile Internet technology, mobile phones can be used to browse the web, watch TV, etc., and is not limited to fixed locations. 3, the communication behavior is more personalized Weibo, WeChat, blogs, podcasts and other new communication methods make everyone a publisher of information, express their views individually, spread the information they care about. The content and form of communication are entirely my own. On the one hand, the personalized communication method allows people to post information and affect the pleasure of others. 4. Real-time transmission speed Compared with the traditional communication media, the spread of new media is facilitated by the Internet technology. Information transmission becomes more rapid. It is no longer difficult to receive information in real time and make corresponding feedback in real time. 5. Diversity of communication content From traditional media to new media, the biggest change is also reflected in the diversification and integration of communication content. Traditional paper media displays text information and picture information through planes. Nowadays, it uses new media forms. At the same time, it has become possible to disseminate information with text, pictures, sounds, etc., increasing the amount of information and the breadth of information. 6. Convenient for corporate promotion In the past, corporate propaganda was just recording corporate videos or leaflets and uploading them to the official website, which was not conducive to the development of small businesses. With the assistance of the new media platform, small businesses can also easily and conveniently achieve the purpose of self-promotion of the company. ① Tencent's definition of social advertising: integrating Tencent's social advertising QQ, WeChat, and alliance advertising products, for e-commerce, games, wedding dresses, home real estate, tourism, housekeeping services, education, online electronics, Advertisers in the automobile, local life and other industries provide professional online marketing services such as brand promotion, resource placement, and effect evaluation. Advantages:  Multiple promotion capabilities to efficiently achieve your marketing goals. Promote brand activities. Promote my public account. Promote my store. Promote my products. Promote my products. Promote my mini-games. Collect sales leads and distribute coupons. 多样 Diverse advertising resources, Covering 1.1 billion high-quality users The platform has WeChat, QQ, QQ space social user scenarios covering more than 1.1 billion Internet users, and more than 500 million Tencent videos per month. Domestic Android users cover the first application treasure and QQ browser, Tencent News, Tiantian Express News, Tencent Sports and other industry-leading news and information platforms. In addition, it also includes high-volume advertising that aggregates high-quality traffic in the industry. 精准 Precise targeting ability to target active customers We provide you with many advertising targeting conditions, from which you can choose the conditions that are suitable to achieve your business goals and target the crowd. These conditions include demographics, business interests, geographic location, equipment used, weather conditions, and more. 可 Cost controllable You can set a daily budget for the advertising account or plan, edit the budget or stop advertising at any time. ② Baidu knows / posts / forums / pictures / video marketing provides positive public relations maintenance for companies, Baidu knows / 360 knows marketing, forums / posts / pictures / videos and other aspects are exposed to companies, providing strong protection for corporate brands / word of mouth. Team introduction
Platform development technology team I have a cohesive, high-quality Internet technology development team. The average age is 27 years old. I have senior industry experience and the latest front-end technology development methods to provide systematic and professional quality services for customers' Internet platform development. (Some of them are high-end technical developers hired by Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.) ① UI designer-2 people; Web front-end development engineer-2 people; 3 back-end development engineer-3 people; ④ software test engineer-1 person; The establishment of the promotion team platform is the first step towards the Internet. In order to realize the true meaning and value of the platform, our online marketing promotion team will inject more new traffic to the platform, shape the brand and reputation, and effectively enhance the corporate Internet competition. force. Provide customers with one-stop Internet integrated marketing promotion services. ① Senior Internet Marketing Specialist-2 people SEO Optimization Specialist-1 person SEM Bidding Specialist-1 person ④ SMM New Media Operation-1 person ⑤ Soft text editor / copywriting planning-1 person 4. Partial project cases 
Government / Public Institution①
The construction of the Qianxi County Big Data Center website in Bijie City, Guizhou Province is mainly to display the work content and progress of various departments of the Qianxi County Big Data Center, sales data of various e-commerce platforms in the jurisdiction, and government departments' policies on county e-commerce. ② Development of Wancun Internet Mall website and WeChat public platform in Qianxi County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province In order to achieve more efficient popularization of rural e-commerce, Wancun Internet better links the city and the countryside, and the sale of ordinary people is no longer limited to Traditional offline transactions, Wancun Internet shopping mall platform development is exactly to meet this. ③ Qianxi County Reservoir and Ecological Immigration Bureau's house-sharing system development in Bijie City, Guizhou Province This project is an Evergrande remote poverty alleviation relocation project. In order to ensure fair, just and open distribution principles, the reservoir and ecological migration bureau require the development of a house-sharing house system Nearly 40,000 people in 26 towns and villages simultaneously carried out the lot-sharing work, and quickly and accurately allocated real estate for them. ④ Nayong Reservoir and Ecological Immigration Bureau ’s house-sharing system development in Bijie City, Guizhou Province. This project is also an Evergrande remote poverty alleviation and relocation project. In order to ensure fair, just, open, and special priority, Nayong Reservoir and Ecological Immigration Bureau, The development of a lottery house allocation system was requested. Nearly 50,000 people in 30 towns and villages simultaneously carried out the lottery house allocation work. Due to the local special habits and lifestyles, the allocation principle and system development function requirements were slightly adjusted.  Small and medium-sized enterprises①
Guangzhou Tianshuo Communication Co., Ltd.'s corporate PC + mobile website construction, SEM and SEO search optimization, comprehensively provide the company with a one-stop integrated marketing promotion service for the Internet. ② Guangzhou Haohan Culture Development Co., Ltd. mainly provides enterprises with SEO search engine optimization and SEM bidding advertising. ③ Qianxi Tianlong Trading Co., Ltd. The website development of automobile sales companies and the optimization of SEO search engine in the later period. ④ Qianxi County Yatai Decoration Co., Ltd. WeChat public platform development and operation and promotion services